Labyrinth Ball 2013: Finished Siren Maiden and other fun!

Behold! The sucker is finished!
Though honestly it didn’t take a very long time for me to finish it up. It was a simple costume and a total BLAST to wear. In retrospect, I looked like a cross between an extra from Flash Gordon and a He-Man villain.
But I’m alright with that.
Totally alright with that.
Be prepared folks, I have a TON of photos since I went both nights instead of one. 
Here’s some shots of the finished product:
LoJ, as usual, was insanely fun! This year I went two nights… mainly because I wanted to go two nights. Though I think next year I’ll be returning to just going on Friday. I truly love the mellow atmosphere of the Friday Ball.
That and I just want to concentrate on one costume at a time.
Here’s a recap of our crazy night!
Preparing for the night/nights.
My Make-up for Both Evenings. Siren Maiden  (thank you to Jennifer Anderson for designing and applying this makeup!) and my Fish Lady.
Loved my eyelashes for my Siren Maiden!
The grand staircase at the ball. Its my favorite room.
Another awesome Ball Room!
And of course, my fabulous friends.
Katie in her ball gown.

Jen as a Valkyrie.

Me in my Fish lady costume with new skirt and added gauntlets.
Ace as her death Priestess.
Sydney as the Tardis.
Triona and Henrik in their steampunk finery.

Michelle and Alastar.


Us lovely ladies.
Saturday Night Ladies. Ty as a Vampire.

Katie as the Junkyard Fairy.

Marta as an Orc.

Ace as a Dryad.

Eugenia in her steampunk finery.
Michelle as a sea witch.
Trish as a barbarian with Katie.

Triona as a Cat Goddess and Henrik as a Gargoyle. AMAZING!
 My photographer friend, Lou.


The Whole Saturday Night Crew!
And a few photos of some of my favorite costumes of the weekend:

 So after that awesome madness, I’ll be taking a break from the studio to prep for San Diego Comic Con International. I won’t be cosplaying or costuming but I will be vending! Drop by Booth #4419 to come check out my artwork and crafty bits. Or to at least come by and say hello.:)
After this break I’ll be working on my Game of Thrones/SCA cross over project.
Research madness AHOY!
Until then, CHEERS!