Fairy Tale Picnic 2012 – Anne Bonny

My friend and fellow costume plotter, Ace threw a fun Fairy Tale picnic at Balboa Park. It was a small but awesome gathering full of Fairy Tale costumes and amazing food. I was hoping to put together a  Lady Captain Hook costume but alas, I never managed to get the hook done. So instead I ditched the hook and went as a fantasy version of Anne Bonny.

The costume is pretty much just pieced together from things I have in the closet. I have come to the conclusion that I have a very unusual closet. The pirate’s coat is my husbands so its a titch big. The skirt is from the belly dancing section of the closet, and the corset is one I got from Corset Story on one heck of a sale.
The tricorn hat is from an old pirate costume I wore years ago. It originally was just a felt cavalier style hat. I pinned up the sides and added feathers. 

Balboa Park was a great backdrop for photos. Granted, there wasn’t any water for a pirate but eh, I still liked posing around the trees.

Ace donned her troll costume from LoJ to wear. She made a few improvements to the outfit. She also takes great delight in painting herself blue.

My friend Jen, satisfied her current Supernatural obsession and dressed herself up as Castiel.

Castiel went on the hunt for squirrels for some reason. I really love this photo that Ace took.

Ellyn was my favorite of the day. She went as our Fairy Godmother. And she looked perfect for the part!
The rest of the afternoon was filled with fairies, dwarves, witches, fantasy creatures, and royalty. It truly looked magical having all of us prancing around in that lovely setting.

We’re hoping to do another fantasy costume gathering soon. Ace’s next idea is circling around Gods having Brunch. We’ll be looking to scheduling another gathering come spring! If you’re in the San Diego Area and want to come play the next round. Please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll keep you up to date on the next event!