Labyrinth Ball 2013: Finished Siren Maiden and other fun!

  Behold! The sucker is finished!       Though honestly it didn’t take a very long time for me to finish it up. It was a simple costume and a total BLAST… Continue reading

Labyrinth Ball 2013: Siren Maiden.

Believe me when I say I DO have historical SCA pieces I’ve been working on. I’ve just been delving into the wonderful world of fantasy and steampunk a bit more these days.   I… Continue reading

Gaslight Gathering 3 : Traveling the Seven Seas.

Traveling the Seven Seas… the reason I actually dressed like a fish. Photo by No Blondes! Photography.   Its starting to become a tradition that I perform in some way, shape, or form… Continue reading

HRM Steampunk Symposium 2013

I have returned from another Steampunk outting! My friend Colleen and I vended at HRM Steampunk Symposium  about a week ago and had a excellent time!  This was our second year vending and… Continue reading

Fairy Tale Picnic 2012 – Anne Bonny

My friend and fellow costume plotter, Ace threw a fun Fairy Tale picnic at Balboa Park. It was a small but awesome gathering full of Fairy Tale costumes and amazing food. I was… Continue reading

Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Photo dump! Max and I hit Mickey’s Halloween Party a few weeks back. I have to admit, it was a great event! We didn’t have time to put together amazing costumes so instead… Continue reading

Halloween Approaches!!

You think I’d be more vocal with Halloween coming up, huh? Well, the truth is I’ve been so dang swamped with everything that I’ve haven’t had two seconds to stop and take photos of… Continue reading

Dapper Days at Disneyland!

    I return! And with tons of photos! Just this last Friday I participated in Dapper Days at Disneyland. Its a fantastic event where everyone comes dressed in either their vintage finest… Continue reading

San Diego Comic Con! Annabelle and Archer!

I usually go to SDCC every year to help out with the SCA table. But this year I actually had time to cosplay!Who KNEW?It wasn’t anything too special mind you. Since my summer… Continue reading

Labyrinth Of Jareth 2012: Annabelle Leigh Langly is Complete!

Left to Right: Ellyn, Me, Jen, and Ace All done!Here is my group heading out to LoJ on Friday night. I absolutely love this event. Of course the fact that it’s a masqurade ball… Continue reading