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Fairy Tale Picnic 2012 – Anne Bonny

My friend and fellow costume plotter, Ace threw a fun Fairy Tale picnic at Balboa Park. It was a small but awesome gathering full of Fairy Tale costumes and amazing food. I was… Continue reading

Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Photo dump! Max and I hit Mickey’s Halloween Party a few weeks back. I have to admit, it was a great event! We didn’t have time to put together amazing costumes so instead… Continue reading

H.R.M. Steampunk Symposium

We had a great time vending the event and really enjoyed exploring the Queen Mary. What a great place for a steampunk event!   Of course the fun part for me was the… Continue reading

Tales of Costumes Paaaaast! Titania from Gargoyles.

I’d have to say this was the first intricate costume I ever made. And even though I look back at it and think of all the ways I could improve this costume, I’m… Continue reading

Perambulatory Expedition to the San Diego Zoo.

A.K.A, a bunch of us went to a Steam Powered Giraffe concert in costume at the zoo. My friend, known as Alastar de Coursyre in my SCA circle, organized a small get together… Continue reading

Tales of Costumes PAAAAST!: Suki from Avatar the Last Air Bender.

So I used to cosplay. Yes, to those mundane friends of mine who found this blog via Facebook, I was one of THOSE people. I was one of the ridiculous folk who dressed… Continue reading