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12th Night Dress 2.0.

Caid Coronation! WOOO! I was asked to be on royal court this time around. I’m pretty stoked for the job and this Saturday I was sworn in. So of course this meant, time to haul… Continue reading

12th Night Dress

When Caid 12th Night approached I remember saying that I was not going to make a new court dress for the event. I already had a good amount of court gowns I built… Continue reading

Persian Coat from Reconstructing History Pattern

And now, a break from something truly amazing to look at my crap again. 😉 Here’s the finished Persian coat I made from a Reconstructing History pattern. Overall its a nice pattern. My… Continue reading

Finished Gift Persian

As usual… I got busy. Erf.But I did snap a couple of pictures of the Persian Coat I made as a gift for my friend, Ty. Tah Dah! Click to Enlarge Unfortunately, my… Continue reading

Iiiits Persian Time!

Gift Persian Coat is GO! Another project I did over the Holidays. Here is a Persian coat I did as a Christmas gift for my friend Ty. It’s finished, but I still need… Continue reading

Happy New Year-Blue Ren Details AND Future Projects Ahoy!

Just in time for 12th Night…again!Okay, Maybe not JUST in time actually. I finished this back in December but didn’t have a chance to post photos since I’ve been crazy busy with the… Continue reading

Another Adventure In Italian Ren Land!

Yup…I’m at it again.The original bodice pattern I made when I first started the blog ended up getting lost in the move. So I had to start from scratch. I made a few… Continue reading

Completed Viking Garb at Lief Erikson.

Here it is, all finished! I’m going to have to go back and re-fit the apron dress a bit, it was a wee bit large in the bust. But then I was being… Continue reading


Well, tomorrow is the Lief Erickson tourney so I figured now would be as good as anytime to try my hand (again) at some viking garb. I ended up winning a spiffy “Viking… Continue reading

Finished Viking!

Here’s a pic of the finished Viking apron and the “smurf hat” I made for Calafian winter Arts! Click to enlarge Not too bad for my first time at the viking rodeo I… Continue reading