Finished Italian Ren of the Orange

Myself and my beautiful friend Ty at Caid 12th Night. I finished the sucker!No, I’m not suddenly short armed. Those sleves are so voluminous that you can’t see my elbows bent. I was… Continue reading

Orange Italian Ren IS GO!

No time like the present, right? That, and 12th Night is this coming Saturday. Want to see the progress I made in one night? I only work half days on Wednesdays so I… Continue reading

Italian Ren Experiment – Part 3 and Bonus

Not too bad for just an experiement. It helped me determine where I need to tweak my pattern. The shoulders are a touch too big for me unfortunately. This creates a weird problem… Continue reading

Italian Ren Experiment – Part 2

Okie Doke then!Made a large amount of progress so far!I fixed the not enough fabric problem by…well..buying different fabric. I managed to find an interresting Taffeta that is the same green as the… Continue reading

Italian Ren Experiment

First Entry! WOO! Hope this doesn’t bore you. Okie Doke then.So I’ve been experimenting with building Italian Renaissance. I figured since my SCA persona is Italian Renaissance, I should dress the part. I… Continue reading