Completed Viking Garb at Lief Erikson.

Here it is, all finished! I’m going to have to go back and re-fit the apron dress a bit, it was a wee bit large in the bust. But then I was being… Continue reading


Well, tomorrow is the Lief Erickson tourney so I figured now would be as good as anytime to try my hand (again) at some viking garb. I ended up winning a spiffy “Viking… Continue reading

I’m Back! LoJ 2010 Bellydancing costume and Steampunk Progress

Yeah…I have been completely neglecting my costume journal. Things have been a titch busy. But now I’m back and have enough projects lined up that should keep me busy for a while! So… Continue reading

Finished Viking!

Here’s a pic of the finished Viking apron and the “smurf hat” I made for Calafian winter Arts! Click to enlarge Not too bad for my first time at the viking rodeo I… Continue reading

Been too Long…so I made more garb.

Wow, Its been FAR too long since I updated. My excuse is the hubby and I have been busy moving into a house for the last..oh…3 months it seems. We bought a nice… Continue reading

SCA Tunics

Better Late than never, right?:)Sorry I’ve been AWOL. My Husband and I are currently working on getting into our new home so things have been busy and my sewing has been on the… Continue reading

Steampunk Coat

Started working on the coat! So I had some time to rework my steampunk coat. I really have no deadline for this project so I’ve been taking my time. So far I like… Continue reading

Max’s Fighting Coat

I just realized I never posted photos of my hubby in his finished coat! Handsome devil, Ain’t he? I also made him a matching hood as well. I’ll be using the un-tweaked pattern… Continue reading

Steampunk Sketch

o as I’ve said, my next project will be my steampunk costume (and probably worked on the same time as garb since I’m kinda of a garb adict).Anyways, I don’t plan on making… Continue reading

Fighting Coat, Gawhzee, and Persian Coat.

My Husband Max’s Rapier fighting coat and A few other things for Estrella War.:). So We’re gearing up for Estrella and I’ve been sewing a bunch. The big project was Max’s fighting coat… Continue reading