Quick Post on the Dio de Los Muertos Dress!

So far so good!I can honestly say I fill out the dress far better than the dress form does. Regardless, here it is so far! I just have some hand sewing to finish… Continue reading

Tales of Costumes Paaaaast! Titania from Gargoyles.

I’d have to say this was the first intricate costume I ever made. And even though I look back at it and think of all the ways I could improve this costume, I’m… Continue reading

Dio De Los Muretos Retro Dress and Kiddie Devil Costume

Forgive the horrible Cell phone pictures. Halloween is upon us! This year our Halloween party theme is Old School Halloween. Ghosts, Witches, and Goblins abound! Since my husband has chosen to be a… Continue reading

Perambulatory Expedition to the San Diego Zoo.

A.K.A, a bunch of us went to a Steam Powered Giraffe concert in costume at the zoo. My friend, known as Alastar de Coursyre in my SCA circle, organized a small get together… Continue reading

Aphrodite costume for Labyrinth of Jareth and other photos.

Labyrinth Ball 2011!  And it was a total BLAST!   As usual. I really shouldn’t act surprised that I had fun. I always do. I attended this year with a handful of gal pals… Continue reading

Tales of Costumes PAAAAST!: Fire Phoenix

All this talk and prep for Labyrinth of Jareth had me thinking about older costumes I made for the event. LoJ is definitely one of my all time favorite parties to attend. Mainly… Continue reading

Debbie Reynold’s Movie Costume Collection Auction

Once again, the TLo blog blows me away with another awesome costume article. This one on the vast collection of golden age movie costumes of Debbie Reynolds. The collection is BREATH TAKING! Apparently… Continue reading

Middle Eastern Coat and Aphrodite Headdress.

I hit an SCA tourney last weekend all decked out in my middle eastern garb. And it was actually cold enough that I could wear my Persian coat I made for Estrella.  … Continue reading

Hair Falls, Hair Clips, and RegencyGowns, Oh MY!

Anime Expo is fast approaching! And my friends and I tend to get a few tables together in the Artist Alley there. We go under the name ZOMGWTF?! Studios….long story behind that name. Its… Continue reading

Steampunk Photos!….Sorta

I went all the way to a Steampunk con and forgot to grab my camera.Rather typical of me really. So the only two photos I happen to have of the finished Regina Black… Continue reading