LoJ Costume in Progress! Annabelle Leigh Langly.

Labyrinth of Jareth is creeping up on me yet again! Luckily this time around was prepared and started work on my costume at the beginning of the month instead of oh, 2 days before… Continue reading

12th Night Dress 2.0.

Caid Coronation! WOOO! I was asked to be on royal court this time around. I’m pretty stoked for the job and this Saturday I was sworn in. So of course this meant, time to haul… Continue reading

Steam Punk Dance Costume Photos.

I finally found a good pic of my Dance costume for Gaslight Gathering! In usual fashion, I was too busy running around like a crazy person to haul out my camera…such is my… Continue reading

Gaslight Gathering Dancewear!

I’m Back! And sewing like the wind! Gaslight Gathering is approaching and the Calafian Middle Eastern Guild has been asked to provide ambient entertainment again. Needless to say, I am STOKED!  Finally the… Continue reading

Regina Black photos!

Of course I find these three months AFTER Steampunk Symposium.  Here I am in my Regina “Reggie” Black costume on the Queen Mary. These are some great pics of my vest and gun… Continue reading

12th Night Dress

When Caid 12th Night approached I remember saying that I was not going to make a new court dress for the event. I already had a good amount of court gowns I built… Continue reading

H.R.M. Steampunk Symposium

We had a great time vending the event and really enjoyed exploring the Queen Mary. What a great place for a steampunk event!   Of course the fun part for me was the… Continue reading

H.M.S Winter Masquerade Ball.

Yup, The hubby and I headed out to another Steampunk event. This one was the H.M.S Winter Masquerade Ball´╗┐ at Balboa park sponsored by Waltz ‘n Such. It was a FANTASTIC event!  As you can tell,… Continue reading

Halloween Cuteness Overload

I just wanted to post some photos of my adorable nephew in his finished costume. Just LOOK at that cutey…LOOK! That’s my oldest nephew, Danny all decked out in his devil duds. The… Continue reading

Witch-yPoo Madness on Halloween!

Our annual large Halloween Bash O’ Rama happened last night and I have to say it was pretty bash-tastic! I did manage to even get the witch costume all done! Tah-Dah! All done!… Continue reading