Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Photo dump!
Max and I hit Mickey’s Halloween Party a few weeks back. I have to admit, it was a great event! We didn’t have time to put together amazing costumes so instead we opted for our Steampunk wear. (Though I did make Max a new Aba. He needed one.)
This was the first time I ever went to the park in full costume and it was a fantastic and almost magical experience! Here are a few pics of the two of us all decked out.
Morocco Mole and his lady hit the seas!

We mainly took photos in Adventure land because we matched the decor best there.

HAD to take a photo with The Genie while dressed like this.

Our friends Steve and Sammy wanted in on the photo fun too. Thank you Sammy for taking almost all these photos!

This one is my favorite. In front of Aladdin’s Palace

With the flash on. THAT’S what we looked like.

We’ll End this post with Morocco in his sweet ride.


Drive Morocco! Drive like the WIND!!